1 credit = R 0.30 (ZAR only)


Purchase PrePaid credits and SAVE up to 30%

NEW SUBSCRIBERS ! Read here HOW to use your PREPAID Credits
Subscribers SMS your CODES to a special LONG number for your network at Standard sms rates, or your Bundle sms rates.
  • Use one of the below LONG numbers for your Network (not for your cell number if you have ported)
  • ** Save as WindSMS in your phonebook **.

  • Vodacom network - SMS your CODES to 082 007 00210

  • MTN network - SMS your CODES to 083 326 00620

  • CellC network - SMS your CODES to 084 000 12012

  • Telkom Mobile (8ta) network - SMS your CODES to 081 160 02000
NOTE: Your Standard or your Bundle SMS Bundle rates apply.
The credits listed for each service will be subtracted from your Prepaid Credits.
If subscribers send SMSes to SHORT PremiumSMS numbers they will pay PremiumSMS rates.

PrePaid Subscribers SAVE
  • You save when buy PrePAID WindSMS and become a subscriber.
  • PrePAID subscribers pay less because you sms direct cutting out the PremiumSMS network.
Click here to go to the Wind Report page detailing the savings along with the rates.
Credits are only subtracted when you use a service. Bought Credits do NOT expire.

2. to make a Direct Deposit.

    After making your deposit, please email the following details to allow us verify your deposit.
    This helps us open your account asap:
    • Your SA cellphone number - in the format +27 8x 123 4567 or +27 6x 123 4567
    • The network you are on - due to number portability.
    • Your first name eg Joe
    • Your surname / family name eg Bloggs
    • Your email address
    • Your bank & branch - to verify your deposit
    • The amount you deposited.

If your Prepaid Credits RUN OUT before your account is credited / recharged.
If Prepaid Subscribers run out of credits, simply use the CASUAL service until you purchase more credits.
You SMS the required KEYwords to the short Premium Rate numbers eg. 36010 @R5 or 38020 @R10 or 39055 @R15
Note - Direct Deposits can take approx 3 days to be verified.