1 credit = R 0.30 (ZAR only)


We've made it easy to use our InfoSMS. They are packaged for ease of use - try our WindSMS Reports, SurfSMS Reports, SwellSMS and WeatherSMS Forecasts.

SMS Surf Reports - Subscribe to the DAILY SMS Surf Report
  • Get the SurfSMS Report every day - special introductory offer - subscribe for only R35 a month and we will send you the SMS Surf Report every day.
  • Click here to go to SurfReport.co.za
  • NOTE: Bought Credits do NOT expire. Credits are only subtracted when you use a service.

SMS Wind Reports - buy Prepaid credits and SAVE!
  • Prepaid WindSMS costs you less! Why? - because you pay us direct, cutting out the networks and with their high PremiumSMS charges.
  • NOTE: Bought Prepaid WindSMS do not expire.
  • SAVE and purchase Titbits Prepaid CREDITS - WindSMS is priced in units of 30c a credit.

    Subscribers ONLY pay R2.70 (9 Credits) for WindSMS - but Casual users pay R5
    Subscribers ONLY pay R4.80 (16 Credits) for AreaSMS - but Casual users pay R10

    Unused WindSMS rollover and are never lost.
  • Click here to go to WindReport.co.za
    • You will BUY PrePaid CREDITS by Direct Deposit to our account.
    • Decide what amount you wish to purchase and contact us for our account details.
      to email us for Direct Deposit details.
NEW SUBSCRIBERS ! Read here HOW to use your prepaid CREDITS
  • You SMS the same KEYwords / codes as Casual Users -
    BUT you SMS to a LONG number for your network at standard sms or bundle rates.
    NOTE If subscribers send SMSes to short PremiumSMS numbers they will pay PremiumSMS rates.

    Use one of the below LONG numbers for your Network (not for your cell number if you have ported)
    Save as WindSMS in your phonebook
  • 8ta subscribers - SMS the required KEYwords to 081 160 02000

  • CellC subscribers - SMS the required KEYwords to 084 000 12012

  • MTN subscribers - SMS the required KEYwords to 083 326 00620

  • Vodacom subscribers - SMS the required KEYwords to 082 007 00210

NOTE: These are long Standard numbers and SMS Bundle rates apply.
Buy SMS Bundles - you then only pay R0-35c per Request SMS instead of R0-85c.
The credits listed for each service will be subtracted from your Prepaid Credits.

If your Prepaid Credits RUN OUT before your account is credited / recharged.
If Prepaid Subscribers run out of credits, you simply use the CASUAL service and SMS the required KEYwords to the short Premium Rate numbers eg. 36010 @R5 or 38020 @R10

How to SCHEDULE InfoSMS services
To setup, Login to your account and goto the left menu Goto > Scheduled Services
Each service can be customised to ALERT you with information in many ways.
Titbits will automatically send you InfoSMS when the criteria you set are met.

Each InfoSMS service can be customised to ALERT
you with information in many ways
Action Method

No thanks. I do not want to subscribe. DO NOT USE! this deletes all your saved settings!

A better method is "Disabled" see down.
Then when you want the service back, you uncheck "Disabled"

Alert me immediately
We suggest you DO NOT use this option
Many services are updated at 00:01 (Midnite) so we STRONGLY suggest you setup a Custom Schedule and stipulate when you want to receive the update.
Custom Schedule - click for example

Custom Schedule setup Yes - please setup a Custom Schedule - select this first and then click on "Save or Modify schedule" and the Custom Schedule option page will open up.
Custom Schedule - click for example

Disabled? Subscribers can temporarily disable their AlertSMS.

From the Website - to DISABLE a service temporarily tick this box and your Alert settings are saved.
To re-activate the service - simply remove the tick.

From your cellphone - you can DISABLE and ENABLE subscription services - simply SMS a hash followed by the service KEYword eg: #CTW and SMS to the number for your network -
Vodacom= 082 007 00210
MTN= 083 326 00620
CellC= 084 000 12012.

Maximum SMS's per month? This option is essential to protect your Credits

NB you must select this option and enter a MAXIMUM amount per month to protect your account. When you first setup - set a low amount and monitor your alerts and your account.

TITBITS WILL NOT BE HELD LIABLE if you make a mistake!

Using the Surf Report as an example we recommend a maximum of 62, which is twice a day x 31 days.

Once you have setup the options, remember to click on Submit Query to save the options.