1 credit = R 0.30 (ZAR only)


Create your own Premium Rate SMS services with Titbits PremiumSMS Products.

ContactSMS and ResponseSMS
Use a ContactSMS number in all your advertisements and collect prequalified leads.
FREE setup within 24 hours.

Extend the reach of your print advertising. Get the public to make contact with YOU when they are hot for the offer! The public read your advert, they want your product or special offer. The interested person SMSes you about your advert - any time of the day or night or over weekends.

    In reply to their query, they receive an automatic ReplySMS thanking them and telling them when you will make contact. We email you , your call centre with details of SMS along with their cell number and you call them during business hours.

    Include your ContactSMS number in all your advertising and let it work for you. You get qualified leads.

    Advertise for people to contact you about special offers or do what one of our successful customers does, advertise for people who are interested in taking part in your clinical trials.

    Your Titbits account collects all the replies with their cellphone numbers and emails the replies to you. Then your call centre contacts them during business hours.

    Springhigh will set up your ContactSMS / ResponseSMS at no charge within 24 hours of getting the go ahead.
    Please us for more information about ContactSMS.
VoteSMS and PollSMS
Think of the Strictly Come Dancing ballroom competitions or a contest like The X Factor.
FREE setup within 24 hours.

VoteSMS allows the public to voice their opinion and show their preference at any time of the day or night and to cast their vote using the most used communication device today - the cellphone.

    PollSMS is ideal for Radio stations to get feedback from listeners. We convert a PollSMS into an email for immediate response - think of a Radio station asking what readers think about the Death Penalty - as the public responds the replies collect in your account providing a verified record of the responses and the DJ sees them in their inbox for immediate counting. Our system can handle thousands of responses.

    Springhigh will set up your PollSMS and VoteSMS at no charge within 24 hours of getting the go ahead.
    Please us for more information on VoteSMS and PollSMS.
image Run promotional competitions using SMS and conduct valuable market research at the same time.

CompetitionSMS allows you to conduct a promotional competition which is allowed under the Consumer Protection Act and its Regulations to promote products or services. The competition is advertised using print, radio or TV. People enter by sending a SMS with a code or keyword to a short number. You can ask people to include their names or email address for marketing purposes. All prizes offered must be paid out.

      Stand a chance to win a great prize in our Competition draw
        To enter - SMS the word LOVE to 33280
        To enter - SMS the word CELL and the title of our top CD to 33280
        To enter - SMS the word HORSE together with your name and age to 33280
        To enter - SMS the word FUN followed by your email to 33280

    CompetitionSMS can also be used for market research by running a SMS poll or SMS vote. As an incentive for participating in the SMS vote or SMS poll, prizes can be awarded on a random basis to reward people that participate.

    Springhigh will set up your basic CompetitionSMS at no charge within 24 hours of getting the go ahead.
    Please for more information on CompetitionSMS.

    Try our CompetitionSMS example - SMS the code COMPE followed by your name to 35010 at R3
    {leave a space after COMPE - then ADD your full name}

Make information available to the public using InfoSMS.

InfoSMS allows you to supply Info on request to interested users. SMS is easier to read than listening to recorded info on the phone. It is delivered directly to your users cellphone. Have a look at www.windreport.co.za for how we make weather forecasts and wind information available to the public.

    Updating Information
    We provide two methods to update information manually. You can a) by login to your online Titbits PremiumSMS account and b) or you can SMS the info to your account.

    Take our Surf Report for Cape Town. Every morning the reporter gets up, goes to the beach, watches the surf conditions and then SMSes a 160 character sms to his code. Within minutes his report is updated and anyone who smses the code SURFB to 35010 gets the surf conditions for that day.

    Automatic Updating
    Information can be updated automatically from data stored on a server. Titbits will fetch the data from a URL using FetchURL. We use this method to supply the WindSMS wind info from our weather stations. The wind data is sent from the weather station to the server. Using FetchURL we collect the data from the server and supply the info as InfoSMS.

    Please us for more information on InfoSMS.

    Try our City based weather info - SMS the following city code to 35010 at R3
    - CT or PE or EL or DBN or JHB or PTA
    We are also agents for voice based 082 info systems -
    try the CT Surf Report - call 082 234 6370
ParseURL or FetchURL
We are able to parse (collect or fetch) any information on the Internet but you have to obtain the necessary permission - Click here for more on Parse URL.
    Try our FOREX Rates service
      Get the latest Foreign Exchange rates - SMS the code FOREX to 35010 at R3

    Please us for more information on ParseURL.

All SMS are charged as per above rates - No free sms. By using our services you agree to us contacting you.