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Rules and Regulations - Premium CompetitionSMS and InfoSMS
To use our products you will have to sign our Terms and Conditions. Click here to view Springhigh - TERMS & CONDITIONS or Right click to save.

Please print them out and fill in the details and fax or email them back to us.
CompetitionSMS is subject to these Rules and Regulations to ensure that the public are correctly informed of the costs and to minimise the risk of scams.

Springhigh will set up your SMS competition entry, SMS poll or SMS vote at NO CHARGE within 24 hours of getting the go ahead.

Please us for more information.

Try our CompetitionSMS example - SMS the code COMPE followed by your name to 35010 @R3 {leave a space after COMPE - then your full name}
Here are the Terms and Conditions - it is your responsibility to ensure that you comply with all the Rules and Regulations.
WAPSA is the industry body that regulates all SMS services.
Click here to go to the WASPA website and read the Rules
WASPA - Wireless Application Service Providers Association
Click on "Code of Conduct" at the top and you will get a page with all the regulations WASPA Advertising Rules.

Click here or Right click and save them
WASPA - Advertising Rules - Summary

Read down here for a summary of the major print advertising rules.
Re 9.1.6. Competition services and promotional material must not:
  1. use words such as 'win' or 'prize' to describe items intended to be offered to all or a substantial majority of the participants;
  2. exaggerate the chance of winning a prize;
  3. suggest that winning a prize is a certainty;
To avoid confusion you will need to clearly state;
"Enter the DRAW and stand a chance to win one of 20x iPod Nano's 4gig"
Advertising Rules - your advertising must include the following
"Premium Rates Apply. Free SMS do not apply. All Errors billed. By entering this competition you agree to us contacting you in future
The price of the SMS must be displayed in the following manner.

For each unique access number, the full cost of the access must be displayed immediately below, or above, or adjacent to the unique access number or content access code in a manner that is easily visible and readable.

Text Size For Non-Classified Ads:
Access cost text must be in 11 point font size, using a non-serif font.

T&C text must be in 9 point font size using a non-serif font
Text Size for Classified Ads:
Access cost text must be in 9 point font size, using a non-serif font.

T&C text must be in 8 point font size using a non-serif font
NOTE - This is a summary to assist people. Springhigh accepts no liability for incorrect interpretation. Springhigh will not be held liable for any misinterpretation of the Rules - you need to read them yourself in their original form.