1 credit = R 0.30 (ZAR only)


Welcome to Titbits, the independent PremiumSMS Information and Mobile Content platform.
Our services are only available to South African cellphone users on ALL our networks.

Since 2001 Titbits has successfully provided users with hundreds of thousands of SMS messages delivered by our SMS gateway partner, BulkSMS.com

PremiumSMS works on ALL South Africa networks - Vodacom, MTN, CellC and Telkom Mobile (8ta).
To fully understand what Titbits offers, think of Titbits as TWO separate entities.
ONE - Titbits is your PremiumSMS partner! We deliver and we pay you for your CompetitionSMS, ContactSMS, VoteSMS, PollSMS, InfoSMS, DirectSMS and any other Mobile Content.

TWO - You can get useful SMS information from Titbits, provided by our various information partners.
definition - TITBITS - a tasty morsel of useful information!
Titbits is your full service SMS delivery platform. Titbits delivers your valuable SMS Product; InfoSMS, CompetitionSMS, VoteSMS, PollSMS, and any Mobile Content. Titbits delivers to any South African cellphone on all SA networks.
Titbits, your SMS partner, collects the revenue generated and pays you for the content delivered. The Titbits backend provides you with full details and accounting of all services delivered. The Titbits backend records and makes available all replies received with SMS Competitions & Polls.

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Titbits offers useful SMS Information and Mobile Content to help you save time, money, and petrol. Titbits services are available to all South African cellphones on all SA networks. Titbits is your source for Live Wind Reports, Weather Forecasts, Swell Forecasts and Surf Reports.

Users - you simply SMS the KEYword or code displayed to the short number listed with the service -
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Titbits is a collective consisting of the following partners.
Titbits - the database delivery platform - collects and distributes the SMS information and maintains the accounting data.
Springhigh - manages the Titbits platform.
All payments made by Springhigh to Content Providers.
- Mike vd Wolk - Office hours 021 697-1553 Mobile 083 268 6000

NITRIC INDUSTRIES - maintains the Titbits server and
contracts out to do custom programming for your Titbits services.
- Ed van Kuik - Office 021 409-7977
BulkSMS - provides the worldclass SMS gateway proudly used by Titbits to deliver SMS products and Mobile Content for Titbits partners. The Networks pay BulkSMS for content delivered and BulkSMS in turn pays Titbits.